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“The second day in the Eastern Cape was the best day of my entire life.” -11th grade student

“Visiting the Transkei area showed us all something very different from our own lives. This part of the trip immersed us in a truly amazing culture and I know that we have all been greatly affected by the experience.” -12th grade student

“I sense from the passion with which my daughter described her experience upon her return that the combination of the stunning landscape and the up close and personal immersion in South African culture will be a defining moment to her future.” -parent of 10th grade student

“I spoke briefly to (my daughter) and all I could make out was it’s been “awesome, phenomenal, awesome, phenomenal!”” -from an email sent by a parent during the trip

“I have no doubt that this trip will have a lasting impact on the person that my child will be in the future.” -parent of a 10th grade student

“It was obvious to us immediately upon our son’s return that he had grown up a lot during this one-in-a-lifetime trip.” -parent of 12th grade student